Contour Stick – Morphe

Contour Stick – Morphe

Dreaming of a chiselled jawline?

I am a huge fan of cream contour products! I think they can really add definition to your face in the places that you need it. They can make any forehead look smaller, any nose look slimmer, and any jaw look chiselled. What’s not to love?

Morphe are a huge brand, but their products are sometimes hard to get hold of within the UK. However, whilst searching on Cult Beauty for a new contour stick, I came across Morphe’s range of cream contour products. I opted for the contour stick, as I find a stick really easy to apply.

The Morphe contour stick comes in 10 shades, so there is an option for every skin colour. I opted for shade 13 and it’s a lovely caramel shade which makes me look really tanned. FYI always choose a shade about two shades darker than your skin tone in order for the product to be undetectable.

I’m really really happy with the Morphe contour stick. It glides seamlessly over the face and is so easy to blend. The product is also really buildable so you will definitely be able to achieve your desired look.

If you want to add some definition to your make-up look, then maybe it’s time to start contouring? It’s such an easy way for people to think your bone structure is just that good.

Price: £14 (If you find yourself on Cult Beauty you will probably end up spending more…guilty)