Explicit Black Climax Mascara – NARS

Explicit Black Climax Mascara – NARS

Put the false lashes away. Right. Now.

NARS is one of my favourite brands and they are renowned for the cheeky names that they give to all of their products. Their standout mascara is no different. The Climax mascara aims to deliver buildable volume and intensity that you won’t want to stop applying.

I bought this mascara on the recommendation of two friends, both of whom have eyelashes I could only dream of. So, I thought I would give it a go and see if I could get anywhere close to their natural lashes.

First of all, I have to mention the packaging. Given the name of the mascara, you would expect its packaging to be OTT. However, I think the product looks super stylish and the bright red packaging really does stand out in my make-up bag. With just one look I was already sold.

But does it work? Well, I am a huge mascara critic and I absolutely loved this product. As all of my friends know, I wasn’t lucky enough to get the good genes in the eyelash department, therefore choosing the right mascara is always a massive deal to me. My ideal mascara needs to make my eyelashes really black, give me length, but also volume. Basically, I want false lashes but without the faff.

The Climax mascara did everything I wanted it to do. The thick brush enables buildable length and explosive volume. The mascara couldn’t be more black if it tried, which is great for the sexy, night-time look this mascara achieves. You will definitely notice the before and after, and want to apply more.

HOWEVER…I did find that after a few hours the mascara rubs off a bit and leaves some black shadow under my eyes. BUT…for the depth of colour and the volume of my lashes, I am not complaining.

The Nars Climax Mascara is definitely up there with my all-time favourite mascaras. No need to fake it with this mascara. Get it now.

Price: £21


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