My go-to pink lip.

My go-to pink lip.

Keep calm and wear pink lipstick.

Everyone has a favourite lip combo and I wanted to share mine with you today. A pink lip is the perfect addition to any make-up look and this is how I achieve it…

Step 1: NYX – Slim Lip Pencil – Shade Natural

I always used to skip lip liner as I thought it was a waste of time and would make my lips look too big and fake. But now, if I am doing a full glam look, I think lip liner can really complement your lip shape and add natural volume. I really wanted a colour that would match my natural lips, and I came across NYX’s vast range of lip liners. Their lip pencil comes in 38 shades, so there is a colour for everyone and every look. NYX also has a virtual try-on camera on their website, so that might be helpful if you’re struggling to choose between shades. The natural shade is a perfect colour if you want a nude-pink lip and it complements my Pillow Talk lipstick perfectly.

Price – £3.50

Step 2: Charlotte Tilbury – Lipstick Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury is a lipstick that everyone knows the name of and is a must-have amongst celebs and influencers. According to, 3 Pillow Talk lipsticks are sold every minute. That is a crazy statistic! It has become so popular that Charlotte Tilbury created a whole range of products centred around the Pillow Talk lip. The new range is definitely something I have my eye on.

But back to the lipstick. The Pillow Talk lipstick is a nude-pink shade which enhances the natural hue of your lips. This means that the lipstick looks different on everyone, but either way, it’s a stunning shade. The lipstick feels really velvety on the lips and is super easy and smooth to apply. You do have to reapply the lipstick throughout the day but the amazing colour and how it makes your lips feel makes it 1000% worth it. It’s the perfect everyday lipstick and I can’t go anywhere without it. It is a universally loved product and for very good reason.

There is always time for some pillow talk. Get it now.

Price – £25

Step 3: Dior – Lip Maximizer – Shade 12

This was a treat myself moment as it is definitely an expensive purchase but it has been worth every penny. The Dior Lip Maximizer looks super luxurious and feels as good as it looks. The lip gloss plumps the lips, so be aware of the tingling sensation of the product. It lasts for such a long time and my lips feel really moisturised when I use this lipgloss. I’m really happy with the shade I chose, it is a pretty pink that complements my Pillow Talk lipstick. It has a beautiful sheen and transforms any make-up look. If you’re looking for a plumping gloss that will make your lips stand out from the crowd, this is the gloss for you. J’adore Dior.

A handbag staple that everyone will want to borrow.

Price – £28

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