What is purging?

What is purging?

Sometimes your skin has to look worse before it can look better.

A few months ago I introduced a new product into my skin-care regime in order to tackle a few, annoying breakouts. However, every day my skin seemed to be getting worse and worse. The product was quite expensive and had received fantastic reviews on the internet and from the lady in the store. This left me feeling very confused and a bit disappointed.

Seeking answers, I jumped onto the internet and stumbled upon the term purging. I had never heard of purging being related to the skin before, so it sparked my curiosity and I wanted to know more.

So what is purging? Purging is basically when a new product or a change to your routine speeds up your skin cell turn over rate. However, as this happens all the build-up under your skin rises up, leaving you with a rush of breakouts. As a result, people (myself included) tend to stop using the product they think is causing these breakouts. However, sometimes it is actually more beneficial to allow your skin to purge in order to see the benefits of the new ingredients you’re adding to your skin.

Unlike regular breakouts, these spots usually disappear a lot sooner. They also normally occur in the places where you usually breakout. Products such as retinoids and acids are quite powerful, so the skin needs more time to adjust.

If you think your skin is purging after using a new product, it’s important to simplify your skin-care routine for a while. But also, in order to see the benefits of the new product you just bought, you must keep using it.

I know the ugly breakout stage is tough but resist the urge to cut-out the product, and you may just see the amazing results the product promises. Patience is key.

Obviously, if you think you are having a bad reaction to the product, don’t use it or seek dermatological advice! But if you just notice a few more breakouts in your regular areas, it may just be that your skin is purging and getting the skin ready for the new ingredients you’re adding to your routine.

Next time don’t be so hasty to put that new product to the bottom of the pile.

Glowing skin is on its way.

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