Color WOW – Dream Cocktail Carb Infused

Color WOW – Dream Cocktail Carb Infused

You’ll be saying wow wow wow wow

Color Wow are a professional hair care brand who use technology to provide the answers to all your hair problems. They have a wide-range of products to target a variety of common issues from the effects of colour-treated hair to uncontrollable frizz.

I decided to purchase from their dream cocktail range. The dream cocktail is a leave-in treatment and is activated with heat. You rub the product through damp hair and then after styling your hair you will see the effects of the treatment.

There are three variations of the dream cocktail with each one targeting specific issues related to your hair.

  • Kale infused – Targets breakage, resulting in stronger hair
  • Coconut infused – Brings dull hair back to life, hydrates and silkens
  • Carb infused – Adds thickness to fine, limp hair

I opted for the carb infused dream cocktail as my hair is very thin and I would do anything for some extra volume. I bought the travel size version (50ml) as I wanted to make sure the product actually worked for my hair type. I have been pleasantly surprised with the added oomph to my hair and it definitely does what it says on the tin. After blowdrying my hair it has more life to it and a lot more body. Plus, by the next day my hair still feels voluminised. I definitely think I will be repurchasing, or I might try their Dream Coat Spray which combats frizz.

If you enjoy trying out new products, then take a look at what Color Wow has to offer!

Price: £11 – 50 ml

Price: £23 – 200 ml

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