Sun Bunny Bronzer – Too Faced

Sun Bunny Bronzer – Too Faced

A dual-shaded bronzer to surpass any make-up desire.

If you hadn’t guessed by now, my make-up bag is filled to the brim with Too Faced products. And my bronzer is no exception. I present to you the Sun Bunny Bronzer by Too Faced, a dual-shaded piece of make-up heaven.

The bronzer has two sides, a glowy bronze, and a deep bronze. Put them together and it’s magic. It’s the perfect bronzer for summer as it’s pink undertones mimic the flush of a natural tan.

The glowy bronze side isn’t at all shimmery, it just enhances your natural colour and brings out your inner glow. The deep bronze side adds dimension to your face and blends seamlessly. Both shades are easy to build and work perfectly together.

Wear the shades separately or sweep your brush across the compact for an extra glow. But either way, you will love this product.

I also use this bronzer for an everyday eyeshadow, as one stroke across the eyes adds a natural shaping. Also, the compact is super sturdy and comes with a vanity mirror, so you can keep an eye on your sun-kissed skin all day long.

If you’re after a bronzer that makes it look like you just spent a day at the beach, then you must get your hands on it now.

Price: £25 (hunny, that’s the price to be a sun bunny)

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