How often do you clean your make-up brushes?

How often do you clean your make-up brushes?

If you have to think about it, it’s been too long.

We all know how important good hygiene is, but then why do so many of us forget to clean our make-up brushes? I can definitely put my hands up and admit that I don’t clean mine as often as I should, and don’t even ask about the state of my beauty blender.

Dirty make-up brushes are a definite no-no for healthy skin and a flawless make-up application. The bristles harbour A LOT of bacteria and dirt, which you are then putting directly onto your skin. This can cause breakouts and skin irritation, whilst also wearing down the strength of the bristles making the brush less effective over-time. Clearly something needs to change.

So how often should we be cleaning our brushes? Experts suggest around twice a week if you’re using them every day. But as long as you’re cleaning them regularly, then you’re saving your skin from a lot of unnecessary dirt and irritation. If they’re currently covered in your favourite foundation or you can’t remember the last time you cleaned them, then its probably about time.

Also, don’t forget about your beauty blender. Beauty blenders hold onto all the dirt and grime that accumulates on your face and they are much harder to thoroughly clean. Sponges should be washed after every use or at least after every few uses. You may not want to hear this but they also need to be replaced every three to four months. Ooops.

I think we can all agree that we have a bit more free time on our hands at the moment, so why not spend that time deep-cleaning your make-up brushes. Here’s how I do it.

  1. I let my brushes soak in hot water for about half an hour. This opens up the bristles ready for cleaning.
  2. My next step is quite an unconventional beauty hack but it works for me. I pour some baby shampoo into a small sieve, and then I work the brush around the sieve in small, circular motions. This allows the product to get into all the bristles and leaves my brushes really clean.
  3. Next, I rinse the brush with warm water. I use my fingers to move the bristles around to check that I’ve got rid of all the product.
  4. Then, I squeeze out any excess water and push the bristles back into their correct shape.
  5. Finally, I place my brushes on a towel and leave them in a warm, dry room overnight. Make sure the head of the brush is resting over a surface, so the brush dries evenly.
  6. Wake-up to clean, dry brushes.

Using a sieve is just how I clean my brushes, but using your hand or even a make-up brush cleaning mat will be just as effective. Baby shampoo is my cleanser of choice, but any soap-like product will work. Plus, most beauty brands now stock a make-up brush cleanser.

It may seem like an unnecessary chore but add regular brush-cleaning to your make-up routine and you will be surprised at the results.

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