The Natural Nudes Palette – Too Faced

The Natural Nudes Palette – Too Faced

Take your eye shadow look from fresh-faced to party glam…

Too Faced is a brand that I have recently become obsessed with and I own quite a few of their make-up products. However, an eyeshadow palette is a completely different ball game as they have about 15 to choose from on their website. Where would you even start?

Then I discovered The Natural Nudes Palette. Complete. Game. Changer.

An influencer on Instagram that I follow religiously, Alice T (alxcext), was doing a ‘get ready with me’ make-up tutorial on her YouTube channel and I spotted her using an eyeshadow palette as a mirror. I only saw a glimpse of the shades but the shimmery golds immediately stood out to me. However, because she wasn’t actually using the palette, only for practical purposes (I will be stealing this idea as well), I had no idea what it was called. On a whim, I commented on the post asking what brand the palette was, and luckily she replied. She said that it was Too Faced’s brand new launch: The Natural Nudes Palette. I knew I needed to get my hands on it. So, I quickly hopped onto Google and searched for websites selling the palette. Too Faced- Sold out. Look Fantastic – Sold out. Cult Beauty – Sold out.

Although I was disappointed, I soon realised why it was so popular. The premise of the palette is that it is for all skin colours, and every one of their foundation skin shades is paired with a sparkly shimmer, that really does sparkle. The palette contains sixteen suuuppper pigmented shades and of course the trusted vanity mirror. The shades are so versatile and there is so much you can do with them, from the classic smoky eye to a bright pink stand-out look to complement any outfit. The colours are really buildable and you can either rock a mix of shades, or apply the nude base colour, and then, when you’re ready to take the look to the next level, add the shimmer.

This palette definitely did not disappoint and it is now the only eyeshadow palette I carry with me in my makeup bag. I love the fact that every shade that I could ever need is right there in one palette, and I think I will struggle to find something that could ever replace it.

It is a must-have for any make-up lover. A 10/10 from me.

Price: £35. (Worth every penny)

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