Summer is here. Get ready to glow.

I must be on my fourth bottle of this product. I am obsessed. Prep-Set-Glow is a hydrating mist which leaves your skin with that sun-kissed glow we all dream of. No need for the fake stuff or a trip to Barcelona, you can capture the holiday glow in a single bottle. This product has multiple uses, it can be used to prep your skin to provide a perfect base for your foundation. It can be used to set your finished look so your hard work doesn’t smudge. And finally, it can be used to add a super dewy radiance to your skin. What’s not to love?

I normally use this product after I’ve applied my make-up to finish my look and give me a bronzed shimmer. Also, if I’m really going for all-out glam (which during a global pandemic has been little to none), then I spritz the mist all over my body to look extra tanned and glowy.

The multi-use spray comes in three colours: Original, Glow and Gold. I have Glow and it is so refreshing and leaves the skin feeling really moisturised and radiant. It’s not sticky and sprays evenly across the skin. The bottle comes in two sizes, 120 ml and 75 ml, a travel-size and useful tester. This product also contains lots of trusty ingredients such as cucumber extract, chamomile, vitamin E and caffeine. If you’re not a fan of facial sprays, then definitely use the product sparingly and spray from a further distance. However, all in all, it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser and a must-have for any make-up bag.

The Gold Collection is Iconic London’s limited edition range, which contains the Prep-Set-Glow mist and their illuminator. Without a doubt, when my bottle of Glow runs out, I will be buying Gold asap! Who wouldn’t want to spray themselves in a gold mist?

Seeing as getting a natural bronzed glow seems quite unlikely at the moment, it’s the perfect time to invest in Prep-Set-Glow and give yourself a summer’s tan all year round. Trust me, every hour will be golden hour.

Price: £22 – 120 ml & £18.50 – 75 ml. (Definitely invest in the larger bottle for an extra £3.50)


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